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山西中學教師資格面試教案:初中英語《Anna’s blog》閱讀教案

2020-12-07 14:28:15| 來源:太原中公教育

2020山西學教師資格中學學段面試怎樣準備?中學教師資格面試技巧有哪些?山西人事考試網為您帶來山西中學教師資格面試教案:初中英語《Anna’s blog》閱讀教案。希望能為各位考生提供一定的幫助!

《Anna’s blog》閱讀教案_教師資格面試初中英語,中公講師為大家進行錄制教師資格面試備考系列視頻,希望對各位考生有所幫助。以下為初中英語《Anna’s blog》閱讀教案。

Teaching Aims

Knowledge aims

1. Students can master the main idea of the passage.

2. Students can learn some new words such as hobby, blog.

Ability aims

1. Students’ reading abilities such as skimming and scanning will be improved.

2. Students can get the general idea through fast reading and specific information through detailed reading.

Emotional aims

1. Students will be more interested in learning English.

2. Students will be willing to make friends with others and cherish their friends.

Teaching Key &Difficult Points

Key point: teach students to grasp the main idea of the passage.

Difficult point: how to raise students’ interest in learning English.

Teaching procedures:

Step 1: Warming up

1. Daily greeting

2. Show a short video to students.

The video is from Summer Eleven, a movie talking about the summer of Vanessa and her three best friends. Then ask students whether they have best friends and what kind of personalities matter most to them when making friends. Then lead out the topic that Anna is looking for a friend, let students read the passage and see whether they are willing to make friends with Anna.

Step 2: Pre-reading


Tell students the title of the passage is Anna’s blog. Ask students if they have blogs, then ask them to predict what the content the passage may contain. Several students will be asked to share their ideas, and feedback will be given to them accordingly.

Step 3: While-reading

1. Extensive reading:

Ask students to read the passage quickly in 3 minutes to check their predictions, and ask them to find out the main idea of the passage.

Some of them will be invited to generalize the main idea. The teacher will make a conclusion about the main idea.

2. Intensive reading:

Read the passage together with students, and give them five minutes to read the passage again carefully to find out more detailed information, and then complete the information card of Anna on the blackboard. Later, one volunteer will be invited to come to the front and finish the task.

Step 4: Post-reading

Design and discussion

Ask students to design an information card the same as the one on the blackboard. Then, divide them into groups of 4 to introduce themselves to their group members.

Step 5: Summary & Homework

Summary: Invite one of the students to review what they have learned and others make a supplement together.

Homework: Ask students to write an email to Anna to tell her something about themselves and make friends with Anna.

Blackboard design

Teaching Reflection





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