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山西中學教師資格面試教案:初中英語《Tea House》閱讀教案

2020-12-07 14:32:55| 來源:太原中公教育

2020山西學教師資格中學學段面試怎樣準備?中學教師資格面試技巧有哪些?山西人事考試網為您帶來山西中學教師資格面試教案:初中英語《Tea House》閱讀教案。希望能為各位考生提供一定的幫助!

《Tea House》閱讀教案_教師資格面試初中英語,中公講師為大家進行錄制教師資格面試備考系列視頻,希望對各位考生有所幫助。以下為初中英語《Tea House》閱讀教案。

Teaching aims

Knowledge aims

Students will be able to know some basic information about Lao She and some of his works.

Students can list other famous playwriters around the word like Shakespeare.

Ability aims

Students can use the reading skills when they read the passage.

Students can talk about some well-known writers in their daily life.

Emotional aim

Students will improve the confidence of speaking English and they will be more interested in literary works and writers.

Teaching key and difficult points

Key point: the general idea and detailed information about the passage.

Difficult point: how to cultivate the love for literature.

Teaching procedures:

Step 1: Warming-up

1. Daily greeting

2. Show a play clip of Teahouse

Let students watch a play clip of Teahouse. It is an English version originally performed in Chinese. They need to think about the name of the play. Later, move on to ask some questions: “Who is the play by?” “What do they know about the author?”

Then briefly summarize the basic information about Lao She. “He is a writer who lives in Beijing. He is known as the People’s Artist. He is also well-known for the works like the Yellow Storm, Rickshaw Boy, and Dragon Beard Ditch.”

Step 2: Pre-reading

Make prediction

Based on the above analysis, ask students to predict what they might read in the passage. Then invite some students to share their predictions.

Step 3: While-reading

1. Global reading

Give students a few minutes to read the passage quickly. Then they need to close the books and try to think of the general idea and what other information they still remember. Later invite some representatives to answer.

2. Detailed reading

Five minutes will be given for students to read the passage again carefully. They need to pay attention to the detailed information like date. Later they need to do the “True or False”. Questions are on the blackboard and then answer another two questions:

(1) Why did Lao She get the name the people’s artist?

(2) What message did Lao She want to send when he wrote Teashouse?

Step 4: Post-reading

Ask students to name more playwriters from the world and try to make a summary of following writers: Molière, Shakespeare and Tolstoy. Then add another playwriter who lived in the same period as Lao She. He is J.B. Priestley from the UK. His play is very much like that of Lao She.

Step 5: Summary & Homework

Summary: briefly summarize the class.

Homework: ask students to search more information about J.B. Priestley.

Blackboard design

Teaching reflection





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